Trying Again!

I am not the best at blogging, I have stopped and started and here I am starting again.. It’s almost fall, and the change in the weather, and the subtle changes outside as the trees and plants start to gear up for cooler weather, has inspired me to gear up too!

Fall in New York is so pretty and so different than what I am used to. All the farmsteads are suddenly giant pumpkin patches, complete with hayrides and corn mazes, and every store seems to be covered in giant mums. Acorns are plentiful, and soon my dog walks will be the time when I come home with pockets full of acorns and leaves.. I have already started although most things are still green! Here is what I saw yesterday!


Getting ready for a new year!

img_1649How do you prepare for a new year? After painting every day for two years, and doing a couple of 100 day projects – I am looking to challenge myself!! Taking #lisacongdon ‘s course about finding your passions and starting your own challenge by discovering what you love and brainstorming! My brain is full of ideas and I painted some of my favorite things!! How are you going to stay creative next year!?!!

And the “color chaos” is almost done

Over a year ago, some talented friends and I started a traveling journal group! We each picked a color- mine was red- and the “color chaos” began! I just finished the last pages of Lauren’s journal- and it’s off to England ! This was a crazy fun experience – and it was more than fun to get journals in the mail every month or so! I highly recommend starting your own group and trying it yourself !