L is for lady slipper orchids and lilies !




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COLOR CHAOS!!! So the  ladies at Color Chaos have been very busy! Journals have been flying back and forth all over the world.

The first one that arrived was full of Karen’s hand painted blue florals..all the way from Ireland..  

Julia , Vanessa, Lauren, Katie and Patircia are my comrades in this fun ..

I just sent Patricia’s White Journal to England and currently have the gold journal here in New York!

More about that later, follow our adventures!!


Kaz and Shaz shore to shore

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So I made a dear friend through my art journaling group all the way in Ireland.. Kaz AKA Karen Gaunt . We have learned a lot together, taken classes together and even sent each other treats and packages…

We are both in the Get Messy Art Journal Creative team together, and although we are doing lots of projects, we decide that one more would be fun.. SO we decided on Kaz and Shaz, the traveling art journal..


We started feverishly creating and dubbed it “Kaz and Shaz-Shore to shore! New York to Ireland and back.. These are the first pages of my journal!!


I don’t know why I glammed up this photo-so it came out a little blurry but it’s my favorite page..


If I could speak in flowers, I really would..(and Kaz shares my love for flowers!!)

And I also my her daughter, Maya her own page, because she is a budding artist and has my permission to have free reign in my journal!!  Check back and see what we do next!!!


Color Chaos

color chaos

Welcome to Color Chaos…..7 colors, 7 journals and 7 creative friends to fill them in with art journaling creativity.. Karen  JuliaVanessaKatieLauren and Patricia colorchaos-1colorchaos-2Color chaos was thought  up in December,where it was decided to do traveling journals with a twist.., each person picked a color, and we would mail these little beauties around the world and back .. A beta test for Get Messy Art Journal- to see if we could do this and complete it in an organized manner..colorchaos-4So every month I will do a Color Chaos post about whatever glorious journal I have received and what I have contributed to it.. I just received my first journal today!! Karen’s amazing blue journal arrived from Ireland and I literally squealed!!My journal is RED of course..Enough said..Can’t wait to see what amazing things happen to my moleskin on its journey…colorchaos-5

The GET MESSY Spirit Zine!

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So over at Get Messy Art Journal, there is an amazing group…The Zine Squad.. These ladies.. Vanessa aka  dansmoncrane, Julia aka julestea and Katie aka katiebug make these amazing zines, invite someone to join them (this month it was me!) and surprise someone with a beautiful little book full of their beautiful art!! We all do several pages and it is a work of love.. One of my favorite Get Messians was the recipient this month..Sarah Maddox- the theme was Spirit,so it was extra special.. Check out the  zinesquad on instagram!!!

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So it’s my first blog post and I have no idea what I am doing..But it seemed fitting that my first post would be about a little art journaling group that has changed me inside and out..

Over a year ago, I stumbled into this group…Get Messy Art Journal..Headed by Caylee Grey- AKA Cay Grey and Lauren Hooper AKA Hoops, I started not even really knowing what Art Journaling really was! As the group grew, so did I! I had zero confidence and was scared to show my work..A year later, I am an oversharer,have taken way too many classes to hone my art skills, did a painting a day for 365 days-which I just completed and started year two, did a hundred day project..(100 days of collage), with my get messy pal, Patricia… and I could go on and on..(and all because of Get Messy).

I had a tough year, my best friend boyfriend had severe medical problems this year, and they were unexpected.. My art journal and sketch book became my constant companions.. as did my Get Messy friends.. I never believed in Internet Friends…I thought it was silly, but I have laughed, cried, bitched and celebrated the first Get Messy Baby,and my new friends all over the world have become true friends..

I am so proud to say that I am on the 2016 Creative team, which made me dance (which is not a pretty sight) and cry..The group of ladies I will be working with amaze me with their talent and I can’t wait to start..Please follow my journey here and on Instagram..(and please bear with me as I get the hang of this!!)