Color Chaos

Welcome to Color Chaos…..7 colors, 7 journals and 7 creative friends to fill them in with art journaling creativity.. Karen  JuliaVanessaKatieLauren and Patricia colorchaos-1colorchaos-2Color chaos was thought  up in December,where it was decided to do traveling journals with a twist.., each person picked a color, and we would mail these little beauties around the world and back .. A beta test for Get Messy Art Journal- to see if we could do this and complete it in an organized manner..colorchaos-4So every month I will do a Color Chaos post about whatever glorious journal I have received and what I have contributed to it.. I just received my first journal today!! Karen’s amazing blue journal arrived from Ireland and I literally squealed!!My journal is RED of course..Enough said..Can’t wait to see what amazing things happen to my moleskin on its journey…colorchaos-5


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